Beaverton Dental is pleased to offer the Opalescense whitening system. Opalescense pre-filled whitening trays are easy to use, comfortable to wear and results can be seen in 1-2 sessions.

Our new patient reward program includes a complimentary kick start to whiter teeth! After your 1st hygiene visit, your dental hygienist will supply you with 3 take home trays along with an instruction guide. In some cases, you may be instructed to complete restorative treatment with the dentist prior to being a good candidate for these trays. Once that work has been completed, your dentist will ensure you get the trays before you leave.

As a thank you to all our patients, we are offering our whitening trays as a loyalty gift each year. Your dental hygienist will monitor your account to ensure each and every year you receive 3 pre-filled trays as a thank you for being our patient.

To be a good candidate for this loyalty gift, you would need to be following a regular hygiene maintenance cycle, and be in good standing with the office * (conditions apply).

Contact the office for more details